We rest the akyra brand on a vision and belief system that we consider to be worth sharing with our guests and friends. The brand personality, lifestyle and pillars provide emotional and functional guidelines for the expression of akyra - Discover the Passion.


Avant-garde city hotels and very chilled resorts defned by smart technology, dynamic design destinations for their funk, flair and experimental approach, and happening locations where the young at heart intersect and connect.


Individuals with opinions, did-it-my-way mavericks, forward thinkers and lateral thinkers, young dynamic and energetic metrosexuals, celebrating, creating, recuperating.

is sanskrit for ‘source of light’ or the sun itself. It represents the tangible: the crystalline dazzle of the midday sun, the bright promise of the here and now, the real deal. Things we can hold in the palm of our hand, and experiences to be grasped with both hands.