We rest the AYURAH brand on a vision and belief system that we consider to be worth sharing with our guests and friends. The brand personality, lifestyle and pillars provide emotional and functional guidelines for the expression of AYURAH - Wellness that Works.


Ayurah Wellness Centres may differ in design, décor and the mix of therapies and treatments offered but they share an overarching philosophy best described as ‘wellness that works’ and ‘pampering with a purpose’. It’s spa plus for the savvy traveller, and the next step in the evolution of the contemporary, effective and satisfying Asian spa experience.


Hedonists in search of blissful escapes. Realists for whom time is the most valued currency and who pursue experiences that don’t just feel good, but do some good. These are the two faces of the Ayurah afcionado. And these are the twin threads that inform our story and guide our approach.

Ayurah offers a new twist on the essential Asian spa experience, with a unique combination of cutting-edge treatments a philosophy of ‘wellness that works’ - utilising the best of modern medical wisdom and time-honoured traditional Thai treatments with the latest world class beauty practices. Ayurah focuses on the 4 main areas of Wellbeing: Detoxifcation - Rejuvination - Anti Aging - Weight Optimization