AKARYN vehicle rentals

The main road of Samui Island is about 52 km long, and provides connectivity between beaches and the town center of Samui island. There are side roads that lead from the main road to smaller villages and towns of Samui Island.

It is very easy to get around. You will basically need only 2-3 hours to tour Samui Island. the length of the ride depends on how many stops you make on your way. If you wish to rent a car here, you should have an international driver's license and wear a helmet when riding a motorbike.

Avoid getting involved in accidents as rules in your land may not match the road laws of Samui Island. like people on Samui Island tend to make turns without signaling, and there are many people who drive without headlights.

So if you are not alert, you may find it rather difficult driving in Samui Island.

  • AVIS offer a wide range of models, with a choice of size and styles to suit your requirements, All cars are equipped with A/C, radio, power central locking, and automatic windows.
  • Categories subject to availability at some rental locations. The cars featured are examples only, please noted that the cars can be booked by category only.


Rate: BTH 1,294.-/day Rate: BTH 1,871.-/day Rate: BTH 2,782.-/day
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