Hanuman Bay – Beach

Hanuman Bay stretches for almost half a kilometer and is bounded by spectacular granite headlands. It is one of the very few secluded bays on Koh Samui and is only minutes from Chaweng and offers privacy, long walks, swimming, snorkeling and contemplation. Greet the sunrise, coffee in hand. Farewell the day, fizz in hand.

Find the perfect spot for a refreshing dip. Or set off in search of Hanuman, the monkey god and legendary guardian of the bay. An intimate, warm and thoughtful reimagining of the beachfront boutique resort awaits.

Directly in front of the resort there is a 70 metre stretch of beach with a sandy bottom that is perfect for swimming. In addition we offer beach activities and sea kayaking is available for all of our guests at no additional charge. Our Sea Kayaks are for 2 persons and come with life jackets for adults and children.

Our Beach Activities team also offers a “Beach Pampering Service” which includes personal service on the beach with fresh towels, cucumber slices for the eyes, sunglasses cleaning, and daily beach treats served on a complimentary basis.

Hanuman Bay – Snorkeling

The coral reef at AKARYN is located 40 metres from the shoreline and stretches across the full length of the bay and allows guests to enjoy a plethora of life under the water. The reef off our shore is home to 13 different species of coral, and 32 species of fish have been counted to inhabit the waters directly in front of AKARYN. Species can range from small Clown Fish (Nemo!) to blue spotted rays. The depth of the reef is 3-5 metres and can be easily accessed by novice swimmers and families.

On the 4th of July 2012 we completed the first phase of our Coral Reef Regeneration project at the resort as part of our very own Pure Blue Foundation. We have engaged CRC Coral Reef Creator LTD to lead this project with a goal to increase the coral species to a total of 30 and make our reef one of the top snorkeling sites on Samui.

At the same time we are inserting and growing additional breakwaters to stabilize the shore, reduce sedimentation and consequently improve water clarity around the reef. The second phase of our Coral Reef Regeneration project shall take place in September 2012 to plant additional grown mature coral and to maintain and propagate coral species that can survive the next hot water events that may affect the gulf of Thailand.

Snorkeling equipment is available for adults and children from our Beach Activities team and is complimentary.
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